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Why wear leggings?

The democratization of leggings among women can be seen over the years. Who hasn't seen models in various fashion magazines wearing leggings for all possible occasions: for sports, for casual wear, for sexy wear and for all other occasions. Leggings have become a wardrobe essential for almost every woman and every age. And we don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. So why have leggings become so fashionable?

To combine comfort and aesthetics

The leggings were initially conceived to work out, indeed, the compression of the leggings offers an acceleration of the blood circulation to allow a quicker irrigation of the muscles during an effort. This allows your muscles to recover more quickly than by wearing pants that do not stick to your skin. This process is now widespread in medicine, for example with support socks. A legging made for sport must have an evasive compression, which means that the trousers must be tighter at the level of the calves and have a lower intensity in the stretch at the level of the belt in order to guarantee you all the comfort necessary for your physical activity.

And that is how the legging allows to ally aestheticism with comfort and became an essential element of the fashion world.

A naturally enhanced silhouette

Comfort is good but if we can enhance our body, it's even better! Leggings offer you this advantage, because of their stretch, they will naturally shape your bum to give it a more "bulging" appearance. In addition, for high-waisted leggings, it helps to firm up your waist, while providing excellent support during your exercising.

You may have seen product titles on our shop with "push up effect" written on them, what is it? It's simply a different seam design to make your butt stand out. If you are looking to shape your shapes, we advise you to buy leggings with a push up effect.

When should I wear leggings?

We will see below in which occasion you can wear a legging:

For a sexy outfit

Of course, for a sexy outfit, we advise you not to take a legging with strong compression so as to be comfortable all day long. The most common legging for a sexy outfit is of course the imitation leather. They can be worn with heels, with a long shirt or accessorized with a leather shoulder bag. For an even sexier outfit, you can offer yourself a set in  snake or leopard imitation.

For a casual outfit

Leggings can be worn for a trendy and casual style, while enjoying the comfort of it. Whether you're going out on the town or staying in on Sundays, you can choose from ripped, ripped, or classic leggings in a variety of colors.

As you could tell, wearing leggings allows you to combine a trendy outfit, while enjoying an incredible comfort throughout your day or for your sports sessions. You can now have fun adapting your leggings with the look you want by accessorizing them as you wish.