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How to wear leggings in 2021?

Long considered old-fashioned, leggings are making a remarkable comeback. Is it just a post-Fashion Week effect or a real trend to watch closely? Here are some answers. 

Our history with leggings goes back to childhood. As a child, they were the coolest part of our outfits. Proud, we chose it (very) bright. Pink or leopard print didn't scare us. At school, we dared to wear it under a tunic, a sweater dress and even with ballerinas. Then, as time went by, its fashion aura disappeared. A bit like a cuddly toy that you would hardly dare to take out anymore, leggings have become a controversial item. Worse still, it should be banned from our wardrobe according to the fashion expert of M6, Cristina Cordula. Really? The latest Chanel Cruise 2020 fashion show proves otherwise. Last May, Virginie Viard gave back its letters of nobility to this sportswear. Very quickly, fashionistas have appropriated these leggings with XXL logo (and a four-digit price tag). If the one from the French haute couture house is getting really popular, many affordable brands offer their version.


As if its name had become an insult to fashion, we now prefer to talk about cycling or yoga pants. Halfway between sportswear and streetwear, these pieces give a new lease of life to traditional leggings. A trend that we owe to the advent of sportswear. Sneakers, jogging pants and sweatshirts are the new fashion darlings. Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski and even Céline Dion...have understood this. The idea? Focus on comfort first. This summer, cycling shorts (which are simply short leggings) have become the star piece of our wardrobe. Another alternative is yoga pants. For a few months now, these leggings have been far from the gym. From Copenhagen Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week, fashion girls have been wearing these unbeatable comfort pants. Worn with a long leather jacket, they are the perfect answer to our style cravings. For a sharper look, pair them with ranger boots and a belted trench coat. Now, are you convinced?